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Imagio Technology is a small and agile software development company. We specialise in developing high quality, high availability software applications using Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET and SQL Server.

Our software is being used by over 200 customers all over the world including BT, Civica, VISA Europe and Snapon Diagnostics.

The company was formed in 2001 as a software consultancy by three veteran software developers. Since then the products and services we offer have grown to include:
Imagio was the recipient of a DTI SMART Award in 2002 and has since become an approved supplier for Business Link in the UK.

Guiding Principles
  • Every business is unique
    We appreciate that your business is like no other, and we always craft our software with a clear focus on solving your specific problems.

  • Use technology, don't be driven by technology
    Imagio will always choose the right tools to solve your problem. We're not driven by the latest, greatest technologies unless there is a compelling case for using them.

  • Technically adept but 'customer-facing' development staff
    whenever you call Imagio Technology, you're speaking to an experienced software developer! However, we make unique efforts to distill complex technical issues into language that you can understand.

Phone: 0845 850 2060

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