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Made to Order Software
Made to order software Imagio doesn't just do web sites and database development. Our development staff has a wide range of experience across a broad spectrum of industries that they can bring to bear on even the most esoteric business problems.

Put simply, if you have a problem in need of a software solution, we can help.

Imagio is proud of it's policy of 'customer facing' development staff. This means that any member of the development team can talk to customers to explain technical concepts in easy to understand terms. All our developers will fully understand the business case that you present before they start creating software. And once the system has been implemented, we'll make sure you understand how it works completely.

Here are a few of the broad range of made to order software systems Imagio has successfully implemented in the in the past:

  • A web application to generate NHS PDF documents for print based on complex, dynamic page templates

  • Software to manage data entry for engineers who service vehicle testing equipment

  • Field based data entry applications for mortgage and finance companies

  • Print quota monitoring software for large coroporate Windows based networks

  • Large scale pay-per-click (PPC) automated campaign management software

  • Web server log file analysis software

  • Large scale email marketing management software

  • Standalone educational software packages to teach embedded programming for the PIC microcontroller (including software development and debugging tools)

To find out more
If you would like to discuss a custom software development project or find out more about how Imagio may be able to help you with your development needs please contact Mark Rouse or Nick Queenan of our business development team on 0845 850 2060 or

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